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One of our main business goals is to correctly identify the needs of the client. As a responsible producer we make sure that the client receives a product that meets their needs and demands.

We are also aware of the importance of cooperation with the B2B market, through which products reach the individual customer. Therefore, we have created a partnership program, which provides the Partner a range of benefits, allowing them to raise their business to the next level and adjust the product offer to their recipients.


For our partners, we offer comprehensive business, product, and marketing advice. We provide individual assistance in implementing the appropriate marketing and sales strategy, allowing you to increase your company’s profits. We prepare training materials and offer access to the B2B platform, giving you the opportunity to benefit from special offers and individual discounts.


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in the form of drops


While creating Aura Herbals® vitamins in drops, we follow the Clean Label principle – the simpler the composition, the better the product. Use of the liquid form allowed us to resign from using the fillers, artificial colorants and preservatives used in most vitamin products. In order to guarantee the latest possible expiry date, we made use of rosemary extract and natural vitamin E from sunflowers as antioxidants.

Customer convenience is important to us; therefore, fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, E, and K, are produced based on olive oil or MCT oil, to provide the best digestibility without the necessity of consuming additional fat.


Aura Herbals® minerals are products containing the micro and macro-elements most important for health. The majority of them are in liquid or powder form, thanks to which they contain no unnecessary additional substances.

Aura Herbals® offers products with single minerals or mineral combinations with complementary effects. Aura Herbals® minerals help to supplement one’s everyday diet with selenium, zinc, iron, potassium, iodine, magnesium, and many other elements valuable for health.

Plant extracts

Aura Herbals® plant extracts are products containing all the best from nature. They are distinguished by their high content of active substances and simple composition. Standardization of extracts guarantees the best quality and effectiveness of plant products.

Aura Herbals offers plant extracts from Polish herbs, such as horsetail and nettle. Aura Herbals® plant extracts also include a wealth of active ingredients contained in plants well known to Far Eastern medicine, such as ashwagandha, ginkgo biloba and ginseng.

Colloidal Silver Argentum200

Argentum200® is a cosmetic with a high content of colloidal silver. Regular use of Argentum200 cleanses, refreshes and cares for the skin. Colloidal silver Argentum200 is so-called real non-ionic colloidal silver. It’s long-lasting and resistant to UV rays. The size of the molecule is between 5-15 nm. Thanks to such small size molecules, they have a maximally large active surface, determining the effectiveness of the product.

Argentum200 has been tested repeatedly, dermatologically and in application. Studies have shown that Argentum200 Colloidal Silver is 100% safe and effective.

Health Support

Aura Herbals® MY HEALTH line was created for customers who want to take daily care of the most important bodily functions. That is why MY HEALTH Aura Herbals® line includes preparations containing a combination of ingredients supporting the body’s immunity, a slim figure, and proper functioning of the liver, bones and joints.

Every product is a combination of active ingredients with a special purpose. To provide the highest quality, we use standardized plant extracts and certified vitamins as well as other active ingredients.

Specialized supplements

Aura Herbals® special supplements are products with a specialized use. In them we have made use of the highest-quality certified ingredients. Aura Herbals® special supplements are distinguished by their high content of active ingredients which support the proper work of body organs.

They are multi-ingredient combinations of vitamins, minerals, and other substances important for health, with synergic action. Among Aura Herbals® specialist supplements you will find products supporting the proper work of joints, and helping to maintain healthy hair, nails and skin.

Premium Supplements

Willing to create a better future together, we have created products from fully certified and natural plant ingredients. Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) from sea algae and vitamin K (menaquinone) from chickpeas. These are tested and meet the highest standards and requirements.

That is how the Aura Herbals Premium brand was created – natural products with high bioavailability, environmentally and people-friendly. 100% suitable for vegans.

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