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Our brands

Our brands

It’s been known for a long time that what’s best is found in nature. Plants, minerals, vitamins, organic components – all this surrounds us has great potency, and gives us many capabilities. By combining nature with innovative substances, we have created dietary supplements that optimally influence your health. We operate according to the clean label principle – the simpler the ingredients, the better the product. We do everything to ensure that our customers can fully benefit from the advantages of the ingredients contained in our products.

Simply for health

Our history started in 2005 with the production of organic food. Quickly recognizing that we are unable to obtain all the most important nutrients from food, we moved towards the production of diet supplements. Thousands of people have trusted us, including the customers of pharmacies and large drugstore chains. All of our products have been created out of the love for nature, health and people, to enrich one’s diet with all the necessary nutrients in a simple and safe manner.

Guarantee of quality and safety

Every Aura Herbals product is a unique recipe that has been carefully developed by our specialists. We use certified ingredients in cooperation with the best suppliers from Europe and all over the world. We produce our preparation in our own manufacturing facility, where all processes align with the principles of the GMP/HACCP system, and each supplement is registered on the list of registered dietary supplements.

Argentum200® is a cosmetic with a high content of colloidal silver. Regular use of Argentum200® cleanses, refreshes, and cares for the skin. It is suitable for acne-prone skin and helps reduce the production of sebum, leaving the skin clean and matte. Colloidal silver soothes irritations and redness, ensuring a comfortable sensation. Colloidal silver Argentum200® is so-called real non-ionic colloidal silver. It’s long-lasting and resistant to UV rays. The molecule size is between 5-15 nm. Thanks to such small molecules, they have a maximally large active surface, determining the effectiveness of the product.

Quality proven by studies

Argentum200® has been tested repeatedly, dermatological and in application. Studies have shown that colloidal silver Argentum200® is 100% safe and effective:

  • 100% - all those surveyed confirmed the effects
  • 93% - of those surveyed confirmed that they would use the product regularly
  • 73.3% - stated that Argentum200® has better functional properties than previously used products with the same purpose
  • 0% - none of those surveyed indicated any side effects of using Argentum200®

Aura Herbals® Health Support line was created for clients who want to care about the most important functions of their bodies with the help of natural plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals. Each preparation has carefully selected active ingredients that support the proper functioning of individual organ systems.

Aura Herbals® Health Support line consists of products that support the immune system, proper liver function, and the health of bones and joints. Among them, you can also find preparations that support metabolism and help reduce appetite, as well as improve sleep quality.

Every product is a combination of active ingredients with a special purpose. To ensure the highest quality, we use standardized plant extracts, certified vitamins, and other active ingredients with health-promoting properties.

Paracelsus’ tinctures were developed according to unique Swiss methods in accordance with the teachings of Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, known as Paracelsus. This Swiss scholar, considered the father of modern medicine, had a tremendous influence on the development of phytotherapy (natural medicine). He initiated the extraction of concentrated active ingredients from plants, whose positive properties are known and utilized to this day.

Paracelsus’ tinctures are products that are 100% suitable for vegans. They contain natural plant extracts as well as vitamins C and E. The composition of the preparation consists solely of naturally occurring sugars. Containing zero alcohol.

The products from the Colladrop line were created for people who care about maintaining healthy bones and joints, improving skin elasticity, strengthening hair and nails, as well as supporting the work of the immune system. Unfortunately, after the age of 26, the body’s ability to produce collagen decreases, which is why proper supplementation is so important.

The Colladrop line features preparations with the branded marine COLLAGEN HM™ from the French brand Copalis®, with its effectiveness confirmed by clinical studies. It is a purified hydrolyzed marine collagen of type I (responsible for the condition of the skin, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue of bones) and type III (responsible for the condition of the skin, muscles, and blood vessels). COLLAGEN HM™ contains polypeptides with an average molecular weight of about 2000 daltons, which distinguishes it with the highest solubility and absorbability.

Colladrop preparations are available in two forms – liquid and powder – allowing everyone to choose the most convenient option for themselves.

Candica is a brand offering natural HOPI and KONCHY candles for ear candling. Candica candles are a proven way to relax and improve your mood. They are made of thick linen and cotton canvas, making them gentle on the ear. The material is dipped in wax mixed with honey, essential oils, and herbs, thanks to which the candles release a subtle, relaxing fragrance. HOPI and KONCHY candles are not classic candles, as they do not have a wick. While in use, they give off a gentle heat – no burning sensation. Their use is described as pleasant and calming.

Ear candling, also known as ear coning, is a procedure based on the knowledge and experiences of traditional medicine from the Far East. It has been used for thousands of years as a method to cleanse the ears of excess wax and as a soothing treatment for health-related discomfort. To this day, ear candling remains popular in many spas, beauty salons, and massage studios.