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Our mission

For the love of humankind and in harmony with nature, to improve the quality of life by making natural products with health benefits.

Simply for health

It’s been known for a long time that what is best is found in nature. Plants, minerals, vitamins, organic components – all this surrounds us every day, has great potency and gives us many capabilities. That idea guides us in producing diet supplements for you. With the use of natural ingredients and keeping in mind the Clean Label principle – the simpler the composition, the better the product. We do all we can so that you can reap the benefits of nature in the best way possible.

In harmony with nature

Everyday work to protect the environment is important to us. Therefore, we’ve implemented an eco-friendly packaging system. Instead of bubble wrap and other types of plastic, we choose corrugated cardboard. We’ve implemented the Zero Waste principle – we re-use eco-friendly materials to reduce the production of new ones. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you receive safely packaged products.

Quality and unique recipes

Every Aura Herbals product is a unique recipe, carefully developed by specialists. We use certified ingredients, in cooperation with the best suppliers in Europe and around the world. They are made in our own production centre, where all the processes are carried out in accordance with HACCP and GMP/GHP procedures. Every preparation is entered on the list of registered supplements.

We take care of your good aura

Our history started in 2007 with the production of organic food. However, in view of the fact that we are not able to obtain all of the most important nutrients from food, we decided to begin the production of diet supplements. Thousands of people have trusted us, including the customers of pharmacies and large drugstore chains. We create all of our products out of love for nature, health and people, so as to supplement one’s diet with all the necessary nutrients in a simple and safe manner.

Our brands


Dietary supplements

Aura Herbals®

At Aura Herbals we’ve been creating healthy products for over 10 years. Aura Herbals supplements have a high nutrient content that is well absorbed, as well as pure compositions without artificial preservatives or unnecessary ingredients. Among Aura Herbals dietary supplements, you will find vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, special diet supplements and those containing low-saturated fatty acids. Get to know all the dietary supplements of Aura Herbals.

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Srebro koloidalne

Colloidal silver is an innovative cosmetic intended for care of every complexion type. The formula is based on the purest demineralized water and with a high colloidal silver content. Used regularly, Argentum200® colloidal silver cleanses, refreshes and cares for the complexion while also helping fight skin problems – it soothes irritation and redness. Check out the products containing colloidal silver.

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My Health Line

Aura Herbals®

The My Health (Moje Zdrowie) line has the highest content of active ingredients in capsules of plant cellulose. These products contain a complex of ingredients which support the organism in its most important functions. In order to ensure the highest quality, we use standardized plant extracts and certified vitamins. Most of the products are 100% natural and suitable for vegans. Get to know the My Health line.

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Premium vitamins

Aura Herbals®

Aura Herbals Premium Vitamins are created mainly for people being on a plant-based diet. Environmentally and people-friendly, the products are made entirely of certified, plant materials. They contain Vitamin D in the form of cholecalciferol from sea algae and Vitamin K from chick peas. Created based on MCT oil from coconuts, which ensures a neutral flavour and high absorbability without consuming added fat. Check out Premium Vitamins.

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Paracelsus tinctures

Paracelsus Tinctures are fluid formulas composed of plant extracts with added Vitamins E and C. The composition was formulated according to unique Swiss methods, in accordance with the views of the Father of Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy – Paracelsus, the father of natural medicine. It was he who began obtaining active ingredients from plants which have been used to this day. Get to know Paracelsus Tinctures.

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Candica ear candles


Candica is a brand offering natural HOPI and KONCHY candles for ear candling. The candles are made of fine linen and cotton fabric, which makes them more delicate for the ear. Ear candling is a traditional treatment of Far Eastern medicine. It’s a great way to cleanse the ear of excessive wax as well as to support the alleviation of health problems. The treatment itself is very popular in spas and massage studios. Check out Candica candles.

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